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Designed specifically for the demanding nutritional needs of young, growing dogs, iVet’s extensive line of puppy food is formulated with nutrients that are proven to help supplement and support developing bodies and immune systems.

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Large Breed Puppy

    Up to 12 Months

    Starts at: $19.95

    Subscribe & Save: $18.95

  • Healthy Rewards

    Canine Low Fat Treats

    All ages

    Starts at: $6.99

    Subscribe & Save: $6.64

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Small Breed Puppy

    Up to 12 Months

    Starts at: $19.95

    Subscribe & Save: $18.95

  • CET-Veggiedent-FR3SH


    FR3SH® Tartar Control Chews for Dogs

    Healthy & Fresh Breath

    Starts at: $21.79

    Subscribe & Save: $20.70

  • MOVOFLEX Lineup

    MOVOFLEX Soft Chews

    Joint Support

    Palatable Soft Chews for Dogs

    Starts at: $50.48

    Subscribe & Save: $47.96

  • VETERINARY HPM Spay & Neuter

    Large & Medium Junior Dog Food

    Medium Dogs up to 12 months | Large Dogs up to 18 months

    Starts at: $17.99

    Subscribe & Save: $17.09

  • Aquadent Dental Solution


    FR3SH® Dental Solution

    Recommended for dogs and cats

    Starts at: $13.10

    Subscribe & Save: $12.45

  • VETERINARY HPM Spay &; Neuter

    Small & Toy Junior Dog Food

    Small & Toy Junior up to 10 months

    Starts at: $18.99

    Subscribe & Save: $18.04


The comprehensive line of adult dog food from iVet is precisely balanced and formulated to meet the varying nutritional needs of a wide range of sizes, breeds and lifestyles. Because a dog’s nutritional needs depend on a number of unique factors, it’s important to find food that optimizes health at every adult age.


Your dog’s nutritional requirements evolve with age, and iVet has developed a scientifically formulated food option to meet these changing needs. While aging is an inevitable part of life, quality nutrition can help your dog age in a healthier way, helping to manage weight, boost joint health and improve digestion.


For dogs with specific health and/or nutritional needs, iVet offers a line of therapeutic foods specially formulated to address specific issues associated with heart and kidney disease, weight management and overall digestive conditions.


Dog treats that are nutritious must also be delicious, and that’s why iVet’s dog treat options provide optimal nutritional benefit in a flavor profile your dog will love. Whether used for rewarding positive behavior or simple signs of affection, you can rest assured your dogs will love the way they taste as well as how they make them feel.

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