Adult Cat

Because no two adult cats are the same, we’ve designed different food options for your cat’s specific lifestyle. For more active adult cats, iVet by Virbac offers a formula with ideal levels of energy-producing proteins and fats, and for less active cats, there’s a food option that contains fewer calories to assist in weight control – all while maintaining the taste that makes it a favorite of adult cats.

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Feline Adult

    1-10 Years

    Starts at: $19.49

    Subscribe & Save: $18.52

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Feline Reduced Fat

    1-10 Years

    Starts at: $19.49

    Subscribe & Save: $18.52

  • VETERINARY HPM Spay & Neuter

    Adult Cat Food

    12 months and older

    Starts at: $22.29

    Subscribe & Save: $21.18

  • Enhanced

    Feline Urinary Health (Canned)

    1-7 Years

    Starts at: $53.39

    Subscribe & Save: $50.72


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Therapeutic Nutrition

For dogs with specific digestive and/or nutritional needs,
we offer a full line of therapeutic foods.*

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*Therapeutic diets are only available for purchase under the direction of a veterinarian.