NutriCare (previously packaged under the brand SPECIFIC)

During our brand transition over the next few months,  you may receive either packaging design.  The formula and taste are exactly the same.

NutriCare is a complete premium product line whose diets are sold exclusively through veterinarians. Our experience working with veterinarians, vet nurses, veterinary schools and more has given us a unique insight into the unique nutritional demands of dogs.

Developed to fulfill specific dietary needs of your pets, NutriCare is a scientifically informed ingredient mix for dogs of any age. Plus, NutriCare offers precise nutritional solutions in the form of therapeutic diet options for the management of various clinical conditions throughout life.

Dog Food

  • NutriCare

    Canine Digestive Support

    New Look -- Same Great Formula

    Starts at: 25.95

    Subscribe & Save: 24.65

  • NutriCare

    Canine Heart & Kidney Support


    Starts at: 29.95

    Subscribe & Save: 28.45

  • NutriCare

    Canine Weight Reduction

    New Look -- Same Great Formula

    Starts at: 21.95

    Subscribe & Save: 20.85