Healthier food options designed specifically for your feline friend.

Kitten Food

Growing kittens have special nutritional needs. To support these needs, iVet has created a specially designed food option formulated to provide proper energy levels and stronger bone and muscle development during these critical periods of growth and development.

  • Healthy Gourmet


    Up to 12 Months

    Starts at: 17.95

    Subscribe & Save: 17.05

Adult Cat Food

Because no two adult cats are the same, we’ve designed different food options for your cat’s specific lifestyle. For more active adult cats, iVet offers a formula with ideal levels of energy-producing proteins and fats, and for less active cats, there’s a food option that contains fewer calories to assist in weight control – all while maintaining the taste that makes it a favorite of adult cats.

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Feline Adult

    1-10 Years

    Starts at: 17.45

    Subscribe & Save: 16.58

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Feline Reduced Fat

    1-10 Years

    Starts at: 17.45

    Subscribe & Save: 16.58

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Feline Adult (Canned)

    1-7 Years

    Starts at: 28.80

    Subscribe & Save: 27.36

Senior Cat Food

As cats age, nutrients like phosphorus, sodium, and iodine can build up and eventually exceed recommended levels, leading to various unwanted health conditions. By utilizing high-quality, digestion-friendly ingredients with a strict focus on micro-nutrition, iVet offers a breakthrough diet designed to address nutrition- and age-related risks like weight gain, heart disease, joint health and hyperthyroidism.

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Feline Senior

    10+ Years

    Starts at: 18.45

    Subscribe & Save: 17.53

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