Healthier food options designed specifically for your feline friend.

Kitten Food

Growing kittens have special nutritional needs. To support these needs, iVet has created a specially designed food option formulated to provide proper energy levels and stronger bone and muscle development during these critical periods of growth and development.

Adult Cat Food

Because no two adult cats are the same, we’ve designed different food options for your cat’s specific lifestyle. For more active adult cats, iVet offers a formula with ideal levels of energy-producing proteins and fats, and for less active cats, we offer a food option that contains fewer calories to assist in weight control while maintaining the taste that makes it a favorite of adult cats.

Senior Cat Food

As cats age, nutrients like phosphorus, sodium, and iodine can build up and eventually exceed recommended levels, leading to various unwanted health conditions. By utilizing high-quality, digestion-friendly ingredients with a strict focus on micro-nutrition, iVet offers a breakthrough diet designed to address nutrition- and age-related risks like weight gain, heart disease, joint health and hyperthyroidism.

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