hello, I’m LUCY.

And I’m purr-fectly enchanted to meet you.

Here’s me on the day I was spayed a few weeks ago.

Here’s me on the day I was spayed a few weeks ago.

Name: Lucy Breed: Domestic Short-Hair Weight: 8 lbs

90% of pets get spayed or neutered,¹ but it’s still a big deal for me.

Did you know that dogs and cats undergo hormonal changes

after their procedures?

my body requires fewer calories.

But I want more food.

I need a new diet for the new me.

VETERINARY HPM® Cat Food provides tailored nutrition for spayed and neutered cats.

It has a combination of proteins, starches and fats, so I feel full longer and get the correct number of calories for my body.

Plus, everything I need to support growth and stay healthy and active.

Now You don’t have to choose

between calorie restriction

and nutrient restriction.

Pet nutrition, reinvented.

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