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iVet Professional Formulas was founded in 2002 by several highly regarded, independent veterinarians and a premium specialty pet food manufacturer. As the nutrition expert for your pet, the goal was to provide veterinarians throughout the country with an exclusive line of products designed to make it easier and more affordable for pet owners to follow their veterinarian’s recommended nutritional advice as a part of an overall wellness plan.

Additionally, since iVet was founded in partnership with veterinarians, our pet food formulas were conceived and produced with only the highest quality, most necessary ingredients, and would always be available at reasonable prices.


With over 30 years of pet food manufacturing experience, iVet and its partners have installed pet food manufacturing systems all over the world, and have assisted many companies in the research and development of new pet food and treat formulas. We’ve personally engineered and manufactured all of the cooking equipment used to make our dry pet food, giving us the experience and expertise needed to continually advance manufacturing technology and maintain superior quality control.

Partnered with the world’s leading ingredient provider, the primary campus includes a top-of-the-line pet food manufacturing facility, where all facilities are certified Organic, boast the American Institute of Baking’s (AIB) coveted “Superior” certification, and contain an extensive laboratory for pre- and post-production tests to ensure consistent, current quality standards. Located in America’s heartland, most of our ingredients are selectively sourced within a 200-mile radius.

Ingredients thatMatter

The choice of ingredients is one of the most critical factors in the quality of a pet’s diet. At iVet, we are focused on only the ingredients that can actually make an impact on your pet’s overall health. In today’s competitive marketplace, there is a lot of misinformation related to ingredients in pet food, as many brands are either focused too much on cost control, and thus sacrificing quality, or overstating the value of other ingredients, which can lead to expensive prices with negligible nutritional improvement.

At iVet, our choice of ingredients focuses on core, vet-recommended nutritional attributes such as increased digestibility, high levels of nutrients like Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and controlled levels of micro-nutrients such as calcium and sodium, among others. We also exclude problem ingredients often associated with conditions ranging from allergies to digestive upset.

While the choice of ingredients is very important, just as important is the monitoring and oversight of those ingredients throughout the manufacturing process. Company-controlled manufacturing allows us to monitor ingredients from start to finish, ensuring they’re safe and meet or exceed established specifications.


iVet® Professional Formulas are products manufactured by a company with over 30 years of pet food manufacturing experience. This experience includes the engineering and manufacturing of the cooking equipment used to make dry pet food. We have installed pet food manufacturing systems all over the world and have assisted many companies in the research and development of new pet food and treat formulas.

This history has given us tremendous expertise in pet food and manufacturing technology and quality control. All facilities at the Midwest manufacturing campus are certified Organic, subject to third party independent lab tests, and meet rigorous nutrition specifications. As a result, iVet has NEVER been part of an FDA recall.


Many pet food brands focus solely on marketing to meet objectives demanded by large box pet retailers and grocery chains. By putting marketing ahead of science and nutrition, your pet’s nutritional needs are sacrificed and/or you end up paying more for benefits that don’t contribute to your pet’s overall health and wellness.

iVet is sold through partnerships with veterinarians to ensure the primary focus is on your pet’s nutritional needs, offering a caliber of nutrition not available outside your veterinary clinic. However, the cost of iVet is more reasonable than brands often associated with veterinary hospitals. That’s because our company-controlled manufacturing focuses only on the ingredients that make a real difference to your pet’s health. Plus, our partnership with independent veterinarians allows us to achieve a value and affordability not typically seen in other veterinary pet foods.


Yes, most of our ingredients come from within a 200-mile radius of our manufacturing facilities in the heart of the Midwest.

No, iVet is a veterinary-exclusive pet food, and so is only available at your local veterinarian or online at

Yes, we offer a full line of wellness and therapeutic products to meet the extended needs of pets and their parents.

iVet pet foods contain NO animal by-products, wheat or soy. They contain NO artificial flavors or preservatives.

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Step 2: After logging in, click on "Payment Method" on the left side of the screen. 
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Step 3: Click either add payment method if adding a new card, or click "make default" on an already existing payment option. 
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Step 4: In the notification bar, be sure to click "yes" on the question, "Would you like to update your subscriptions to use this new payment method" 
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If there is a nearby clinic, you can pickup your food immediately.  Please check vet locator for clinics in your area.  If a vet clinic is not convenient we have a partnership with vets that allows us to ship direct to you.  Typically for orders placed prior to 3pm (Central Time) most areas of the country will receive food within 1-2 business days from order date.

Make sure that you have a vet clinic listed and you have accepted terms and agreement.

No. iVet brand pet foods ensure you have premium quality nutrition at a price point that is competitive with pet specialty or mass grocery stores.


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