How Do We Look?!

Feb 04, 2019

Okay, so maybe we’re close to turning 20 and so we want to make sure we remain vibrant and fresh. Maybe we’re obsessed with creating intuitive, easy-to-navigate user experiences for our customers ­– you. Maybe we just like new, shiny things.

Truth is, we developed a brand new online experience for the iVet brand because it’s what you deserve. At iVet, we believe providing a top-of-the-line pet food is about more than just what's in the bag. It's about how that food's made, what the bag looks like, how easy it is to order – and it all culminates in that small point of pride in knowing you've made a smart decision for your pet or clinic.

Spend some time on the new site and you’ll see we've created a more intuitive, mobile-ready web experience to make your online ordering process easier and quicker than ever, no matter which device you prefer. Plus, consumers can view which veterinarians in their specific area carry iVet pet food for those last-minute, day-of purchases if you suddenly run out, or even those monthly visits to your local clinic.

For partner veterinarians, you’ll discover a brand new interface for making nutritional recommendations, monitoring compliance, and earning rewards from your professional suggestions. It's all part of our hope that this improved, modern web experience gives you that added peace of mind that your choice to feed iVet to your pets or patients was – and will continue to be – the right one. We sincerely hope you enjoy this new experience with the iVet brand, and we thank you for your continued support!